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Tips to Manage Difficult Dementia Mood Swings from At Home Senior Care

Tips to Manage Difficult Dementia Mood Swings


If you are caregiving for a spouse or parent with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, you know all too well the varied and complex behaviors associated with the disease, and one of the most difficult is the change in moods – the night and day difference from that sweet, kind person into a bitter, fussy bully. The emotional trauma those personality shifts can cause are often devastating, particularly for a family member who has been providing dedicated, selfless care for the senior. 

However, it is important to try not to take these mean behaviors personally, as difficult as that may be, and to remember that the senior is probably acting out due to frustration or fear. At Home Senior Care offers the following tips to help ease a difficult situation and restore peace:  

  • Stay calm. Your loved one may feel your elevated agitation and become more agitated as well – and similarly, is more likely to become calm if you stay level-headed. Minimizing distractions and trying to turn the person’s attention to something else may help.  
  • Comfort the person. Instead of arguing with your loved one, which may be a first instinct, use a slow, quiet, and comforting tone. Think about what may be triggering your loved one's feelings of anger so you can deal with those triggers, such as pain, overstimulation, or anxiety.  
  • Track triggers. Help to avoid, or minimize, a similar behavioral trigger in the future by keeping notes of past triggers. Keep a diary of what happened, when it happened, and what worked (or didn’t work). 

It is also vitally important for caregivers to take time out for themselves to refresh and recharge, especially after troubling encounters with their senior loved one. At Home Senior Care of Rutland, Middlebury, and Bennington, VT, as well as Williamstown, MA is here to provide experienced, compassionate, and patient Alzheimer’s and dementia care, bringing in some much needed respite for families. Call us at 866-747-7168 to learn more.

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