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How Vermont Senior Care Is Helping Seniors Realize Lifetime Goals

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No doubt you can think of a variety of ways to finish that sentiment – things you’ve always dreamed of doing, but put on the shelf until you have a chance to pursue them. But what about your senior parents? Don’t they still have aspirations, hopes, and dreams they would like to connect with that "someday"? 

Everybody needs a bucket list, and senior family and friends are no different. If a senior loved one seems unwilling or unable to dream up ideas to live life to the fullest, try these suggestions, courtesy of our Vermont senior care company, to stimulate his or her wishful thinking:  

  • Visit the town where he or she was born and raised  
  • Volunteer with a favorite charity   
  • Try a new hobby, such as scrapbooking or painting  
  • Create a legacy to pass down through writing memoirs  
  • Learn something new, such as a foreign language or musical instrument  
  • Adopt a new pet   

It is important to consider that the things should be ones the senior is interested in, not just activities you feel he or she should try regardless of what he or she would like to do. Our Vermont senior care agency can help get a bucket list conversation started with your senior loved one, and then device plans with you to fulfill those wishes. Contact At Home Senior Care at 866-747-7168 for further pointers, or for capable, creative assistance with realizing those goals. 

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